Featured Artist: Devin Kenny

Devin Kenny “long.live.a$ap rocky cover a capella”, 2013. Single-Channel Video “Untitled/Clefa”, 2013. Performance with Audio: A performative reinterpretation of the short-lived meme, Trayvoning (named after Trayvon Martin), which circulated through a variety of message boards and social networks. Here the artist collapses forward, and the ensuing explosion of Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea droplets proliferate. The duration of the performance is set by playing Migos featuring Drake’s “Versace Versace” song four times in immediate succession.

I Want Some Seafood, Mama by Soleil Ho

By Soleil Ho Mamas always tellin me not to go wanderin outside when its light out, an the sky is flashin with the green, but now that shes big she cant chase me as quick. I dont mind her hollerin, cause I wanna catch an eyeful of them ships that drop down to our swamp once every while. Once they gone, wont be no more for a whole year. All I want is just an eyeful of that pretty black metal; Ill just think on that while Mama wallops me later. Just a tip of a teaspoon of a look at them ships is worth all the wallops in the world. Mama hollerin, but I keep walkin through the wet wooded strips that lead to the landin place. The swamps dark and I feel night shivers even though I know its daytime. Even as they dead, them big old cypress trees is doin a real good job keepin the sun out. Thats why we can get by with just a layer of mud, Mama say, unlike the bubble folk who cant even go outside without turnin pink like they been turned inside-out. The bubble folk cant even have babies on...
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